Inside Gallery

Touch Art Gallery is a premier procurer of the most exquisite works of art. Located in close proximity to Harvard Square in Cambridge Massachusetts, our qualified staff brings together the finest local and global artists and art collectors in our spacious gallery.


Firmly committed to featuring and promoting distinguished and rising local artists, Touch Art Gallery provides a venue for them to present their work to art lovers and collectors. Our reach extends to many areas of the globe: paintings and sculptures by prominent artists from various parts of the United States, the Middle East, Europe, East Asia, and Africa. Locally as well as globally, we are committed to promoting a multicultural way of life by providing artists with different backgrounds, tastes, and persuasions an opportunity to present their works.


Our activities include periodic special exhibits, art and painting classes, lectures by art experts and artists, receptions to celebrate the work of artists, and rare films. In our gallery, we exhibit different styles of art and painting: modern and post-modern, abstract, and representational. Here at Touch Art Gallery we are cognizant of the unique preference of each individual art collector. Our knowledgeable staff helps our clients to find or commission pieces that best fit their needs. One of our specialties is scouting out and representing talented and rising artists whose works prove to be valuable investments for our savvy clients.


We encourage an open flow of ideas amongst people and dialogue between art traditions. Our large and attractive space is available to host different artistic and community events such as music performances, plays, workshops, lectures, and seminars.



For general submissions please send an email to [email protected] with several images and descriptions of your art works plus your resume and artist statement.